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Harvesting season is here and we are ready to equip your feet!

It is well-known that mid-August to mid-October is the predefined period for grape harvesting in the Northern Hemisphere. This tradition has grown for centuries, starting with a very crafty production process to nowadays, where the harvest can be either mechanical or hand-picked.

Because of the weather conditions, the hygiene and the risks presented in the grape harvest, workers should be well equipped from head to toe for the task. In this case, we are going to talk about how our PU boots will help you during the vintage process.

While vintage process, it is common to work with water on wet terrains. Therefore, it is advisable to wear waterproof boots, to keep your feet dry as having wet feet is very uncomfortable and can cause ringworm, blisters, and smelly feet.

During harvesting months, warm shoes overheat the feet, causing them to sweat and turn damp. Choosing shoes with the appropriate material will solve these problems.

Rubber and PVC are frequent materials for work boots. However, these are not always the best as they tend to overheat your feet. Unlike these materials, PU is perfect. It has excellent thermal insulation and is breathable, so your feet will stay fresh and dry while harvesting. Dikamar PU boots also have several features that will keep you comfortable all the while long working hours on your feet.

Another precaution you should take with your agricultural footwear is to ensure that it is non-slip and chemical resistant.

Non-slip footwear will assure your safety by preventing slips and falls. On the other hand, chemical resistance will lengthen the boots' life, as the exposure to dust and pesticides is steady during this process.

You should also consider choosing shoes with a toe cap and a safety insole, as work in this area involves dealing with heavy tools and sharp objects. These can fall on your feet or pierce them.

All these features and many more are present in Dikamar PU boots for agriculture and food industry. See our selection of Safety Boots that we have developed especially for you:

The Dikamar® Green and the Dikamar® Safety for the grape harvesting process. The Dikamar® Safety White for the wine-making process.

And don't forget to keep your feet safe, clean and in action (even if you are not going to crush grapes by foot!).

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