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How to choose the right safety boot for construction?

Choosing the right footwear for construction could not be an easy task, since there are so many offers on the market, you surely don’t want to get tricked and buy a pair that you’ll later regret. And the point is that this industry is very demanding and dangerous when we talk about work accidents. For these reasons, you should list your priorities when choosing boots for construction.

We have decided to make it easier for you and make a short list of the 3 essential categories you should look at when choosing the right boot for construction:

  • Safety: Safety is the number one reason in this list because it is necessary to ensure that the footwear for this area complies with all safety standards in order to avoid work accidents. In the construction area, it is also occurring to have to work on greasy floors, which increases the risk of slipping and falling. Usually, it is required to wear shoes with a toe cap and safety midsole. It should also meet ASTM F2413 I/C/SD/PR and it should be slip-resistant.

  • Comfort: It is not a secret that the comfort of toes and feet is essential to the productivity of workers. Usually, when one tries on a pair of shoes, one can immediately notice if the shoe is comfortable. Whether to know if a boot is comfortable or not some factors will help you figure it out: it has to be breathable and lightweight, and it has to have thermal insulation, heat resistance, and energy absorption. To own all of these characteristics mentioned before, your boots must be made of Polyurethane.

  • Durability: This is a crucial factor when making the final decision because if the boots have all of the characteristics mentioned above, but you will have to buy a new pair every week, we are pretty sure you won’t buy those boots, otherwise you will be wasting a big amount of money unnecessary. That’s why you will want something durable. At this point, we should also mention that durability is biased, it depends on many factors such as the activity the worker performs, the maintenance the boots receive, the way the worker walks…

After mentioning all these key factors, we want to introduce you to the perfect fit for your feet for the construction and industry: the Dikamar Full Safety Green/Black. These polyurethane boots possess all of the characteristics mentioned above, plus they have a great design and are proudly made in the USA.

We hope you find this list helpful, so next time you are looking for boots for construction you'll know what to look for.

Remember to always keep your feet in action!

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