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How Comfort Affects Your Productivity at Work

We all know that comfort is essential for our daily lives. No one likes to feel uncomfortable. However, some situations force us to have to go through our workday with discomfort or even pain.

Several factors cause discomfort: temperature, brightness, air quality, sound levels, ergonomics, etc. There are indeed several causes for small annoyances, which can become major annoyances.

In many workplaces, equipment is not ergonomic, and personal protective equipment is chosen based on the lowest price, rather than the comfort and safety they will bring to the user.

Your well-being and comfort are some of your basic needs in the workplace. By ignoring them, you are putting not only your health at risk but also your productivity.

One way to maintain high levels of productivity is to avoid multitasking and eliminate distractions. However, distractions are not just social networks, answering phone calls, etc. Constant discomfort and pain is a big distraction that will linger throughout the day.

Discomfort eliminates the ability to concentrate. It keeps our thoughts on what we are feeling rather than what we have to do. It may even go as far as to make us waste time with behaviors to ease the annoyance. For instance, if your work shoes are uncomfortable, you may have to stop your work several times a day to take off your shoes, move your feet, and get back into your shoes.

The distraction of comfort is not limited to those who are feeling it. It will also extend to other workers since those who feel uncomfortable feel the need to share their feelings with those around them.

If this situation continues over time, it will be difficult to remain happy and motivated in your workplace, which will become another factor in the drop in productivity.

With this, we can conclude that the workers' discomfort does not only bring consequences for them, but also for colleagues and the company itself. So, if you have to buy work equipment for yourself or your company, always keep in mind the long term. Look for quality at the best price and not a price at any quality.

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