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Boots for the fishing industry

From the beginning of times to nowadays, the fishing industry has been a key industry for our diet and lifestyle.

Every day, thousands of fishermen put in their best efforts and go sailing out to sea to catch for us the best quality fish.

At Dikamar, we have developed the Dikamar® Icepack® and Dikamar Trace® boots to give every fisherman from any scale of the sector (traditional, recreational or commercial) the ideal features for a fishing boot:

  • Light and comfortable: made of PU, a very light thermoplastic, super resistant long-lasting material and also, due to its design, it is easy to pull off.

  • Excellent thermal conditions: these boots are made for extreme weather conditions keeping your feet fresh in hotter weather conditions and keeping them warm at lower temperatures, thanks to their material and high outsole.

  • Excellent slip resistance.

  • Certified.

These are the main characteristics of our Dikamar® Trace and Dikamar® Icepack® boots. Watch our video to see them in action:

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