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Why choose Dikamar® boots?

A work boot with the right characteristics can be your best friend in your daily activity. Not only the toecap and midsole are the keys, but also the outsole, the insole, the durability, and the design are essential in the construction of a work boot. Dikamar® thinks in all of these when developing boots.

Our concern for the safety of workers began in 1996 when we started the production of PVC boots for agriculture and gardening. It was a basic boot, but so comfortable and versatile that it is still sold worldwide today.

Over the years, we have been introducing new models and materials always aiming to increase the comfort and safety of those who daily wear our boots. Our constant focus on quality, durability, and comfort has given us the confidence of those who wear our work boots and recommend them.

Nowadays, we have boots specifically developed for each activity area, from agriculture to construction, and industry. They are all intensively tested to ensure that they meet all the requirements of each activity area.

Dikamar® work boots are always developed with the user's well-being, comfort, and safety in mind.

When choosing, choose Dikamar® boots, synonymous with safety, comfort, and durability.

Your feet in action®!

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