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How to choose Safety Boots to work in the cold

If you work in low temperatures, you surely have felt your feet completely freezing at least once. That uncomfortable feeling when you can’t keep your feet warm no matter what you do hinders your focus on your tasks. This is only one of the reasons why you should always choose safety boots that are specially designed for work at low temperatures.

In this article, we will tell you which key features you should look into if you need work boots for Winter or cold environments.

1. Polyurethane (PU) is more resistant than PVC

First of all, your work safety boots should be in the best conditions to keep you safe. A fissured work boot can’t keep the warm temperature as well as one in perfect conditions. This will expose your feet to the low temperatures.

If you work in cold areas, you should choose a boot made with a raw material that is more resistant to low temperatures, stays flexible, and keeps you safe, like Polyurethane (PU). PU boots can keep their proprieties at temperatures as low as -94°F, contrary to PVC boots, which have less thermal insulation, are less resistant, and can be easily shattered at low temperatures.

2. Higher the sole, higher the temperature

Your body starts losing its temperature when it's in contact with cold surfaces. Your feet are the parts of your body that have closer contact with these cold surfaces, so when the floor is at low temperatures as -58°F, your feet will start to lose heat very quickly.

To avoid this, search for work boots with outsoles specially designed for low temperatures. These outsoles are higher, so your feet won't be in close contact with the icy floor.

3. Be aware of the surface you will be stepping on

Being warm is great, but being safe is even more important. To make sure that you will be warm and safe, you should also look for work boots with the necessary slip-resistance.

Icy floors can make you fall, and only a good slip-resistant boot can prevent this. So, don't forget to check if the safety work boots have the right anti-slip properties for your tasks and keep you safe at any moment.

To summarize, you should choose slip-resistant polyurethane boots with high outsoles that will keep your feet distant from the cold floor. Dikamar has several options for work boots specially designed for cold environments, to keep you safe and warm at any temperature. See here all our slip-resistant polyurethane boots with high resistance to cold. Choose the boot that best suits your work now!

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